Blue Zone Living

If you could live to be over 100 with very little chance of getting cancer,  Alzheimer’s, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease would you? The answer for most would be yes! Mishra (2012) states that people in Blue Zone areas of the world do it everyday with these simple activities listed below (p. 273).

  1. Daily physical activity in the form of walking, house cleaning, gardening, bicycling
  2. Time for friends and family
  3. A diet rich in whole fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods
  4. Religion or sense of purpose
  5. A grateful, positive attitude
Mishra, B. N. (2009). Secret of eternal youth; Teaching from the centenarian hot spots (“blue zones”). Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 34(4), 273-275.
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Check out how the citizens of this town are getting started in making their home a Blue Zone:  Steps to Living in the Blue

Challenge yourself to find a cooking class that builds healthy cooking skills, volunteer and  engage in more social activities to give yourself a purpose, and begin to look at household chores and walking to the bus or work as a life adding strategy rather than a burden.  You do not have to move to a Blue Zone when you can create your own!

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